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Pro FMT® (Full-Service Maintenance Teams) provides full-service maintenance support programs to our industrial manufacturing clients, allowing them to focus on their core competencies, leaving the maintenance details to the PROS.


Our fully-trained IRTs (Industrial Reliability Technicians) specialize in the areas of production equipment, ancillary process support equipment, and all facility systems.


We also have multiple CRL’s (Certified Reliability Leaders®) on staff helping maintenance teams change from a reactive to a predictive and preventative environment. These leaders create a system of asset lifecycle management that reduces downtime and associated production costs.

Deploying Pro FMT®

Full Pro FMT® Solution

  • Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance Technicians

  • PMMS Implementation

  • PM Optimization

  • Complete Asset Ownership

  • Multi-Year, Risk-Reward Contract

Maintenance Technicians

  • Complement Customer Staff with Qualified Technicians

  • Hourly Bill Rates

  • Annual Support Contract

Skill Enhancement Resources

  • Skills Assessment Testing

  • Knowledge/Skill Gap Analysis

  • Customized Training Curriculum

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