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FMT - Full-Service Maintenance Teams

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

Iron Worker - Ironworkers unload, erect, and connect fabricated iron beams to form project skeletons

MEA - Maintenance Excellence Academy

Millwright - Millwrights perform machinery removal, installation, maintenance, and repair in all facets of industries

Optical Alignment - Maintain straightness, flatness, plumb and squareness at any given installation

Pipefitter - Pipefitters lay out, fabricate, and maintain piping systems used to carry steam, water, fuel, and chemicals from one location to another


Plumber - Plumbers are responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining pipes, fixtures and other plumbing used for water distribution and waste water disposal

Predictive Technology - A body of tools capable of discovering and analyzing patterns in data so that past behavior can be used to forecast likely future behavior

Process Piping - Piping systems and their component parts, that are not building services or power piping systems

Production Maintenance - Maintaining and improving the integrity of production and quality systems through the machines, equipment, and processes

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